The area

"Velvento for me was my parents' place ... I listened at home to good conversations and nostalgia for this place ...”

The History

“The Vogiatzis family was from Velvento. They went to Katerini for trade and in the end they only sold wines and tsipouro.”

Near the lake, in the place of an old vineyard of the Vogiatzis family, a new, modern 30-hectare vineyard was created in the period 1991-1994, in local and other varieties, with the aim of producing high quality wines, which combine uniqueness and character.

From the third generation, Giannis, after studying oenology at the University of Bordeaux in France, and significant experience in Greek wine production, with his brother Nikos, a engineer and their father Harisis, decide to return to Velvento, creating a new owned winery. The on-site management of the winery is exercised by the chemist - oenologist Irini Zande while the vineyards are taken care of with a lot of attention and love by Nikos and Dimitris.



Since the beginning of the last century, the Kardasis family is involved in wine products. Our ancestors were active in grape cultivation and trade in wine. In 1924 the first pot still was acquired by the family.

In 1991 the Kardasis Distillery – Wine Making was founded.

Over the years, the consumers began to trust the bottled tsipouro, acknowledging that it is produced by responsible producers and is superior, as regards its quality and taste, to these produced by “anonymous” producers..

Since 2006, the company applies the Food Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005, certified by TUV HELLAS.


Our facilities are located on the 5th klm Tirnavos – Larissa. The distillery is surrounded by a vineyard totaling 1,5 hectares. The rest of our family’s vineyards, totaling 12,7 hectares, are located in the wider region of Tirnavos. The cultivation process is carried out under controlled management, as regards the use of pesticides, while the fertilizations' process is conducted with the use of the grape distillation residues, which serve as an organic fertilizer.


DIAMANTAKIS winery was founded in 2007 by the family members of Nikolaos G. Diamantakis: Ioannis, Michalis and Zacharias. It is located southwest of the city of Heraklion in the heart of the province Malevizi, outside the village of Kato Assites.

The love and passion of Diamantakis family for high quality wine, their long tradition in viticulture and the 70 acres of private owned land, was the motivation to create a small winery in the area. The grape varieties cultivated are Greek, local and international. During the spring 2010, other 25 acres of land are planted and arranged in terraces. Family’s purpose is the production of fine wines which can be blended in perfectly with the unique macroclimate of the area.



The history of the Lafazanis Winery began 70 years ago, in 1946, when Vasilis Lafazanis started crafting wine in Piraeus. In 1960, the Lafazanis family established its first privately-owned winery in Magoula, Attica. In 1985, the family’s second generation, with its academic education on oenology, its experience, and its vision, laid the foundations for a high-quality, state-of-the-art winery. Ever since that time, armed with its implicit faith in the fruits of Greek viticulture, the Lafazanis Winery works seamlessly to cultivate grape varieties native to Greece and produce superb quality wines. In 1993, faithfully keeping to that perspective, Spyros Lafazanis took the initiative to establish an even more advanced winery in the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Nemea zone. By showcasing Agiorgitiko and many other domestic and international grape varieties, Spyros Lafazanis crafted new wines of exquisite quality that reflect the company’s flawless know-how and the region’s enormous potential for top quality. In 2005, in order to achieve a more seamless operation, the company decided to separate its commercial activities from its winemaking pursuits and move its commercial sector to Magoula, Attica, under the management of Georgios Lafazanis. The company’s winegrowing and winemaking sector remained in Nemea.


Our products are intertwined with our devotion to technological and quality progress, with our excellent collaborations, and with our love for the environment. Consistency, respect, and honesty: The three paths on which the values and work of Spyros Lafazanis’s life move.



Founded in 1979, Semeli Estate is a leading Greek winery and one of the country’s most significant wine-related developments. The mild Mediterranean climate and the excellent terroir, combined with the specialized know-how of our winemakers and the harmonious matching of natives and selected ones of international varieties, contribute to the production of wines with a special personality.

Dominated by ragged mountains and blessed with bountiful vineyards perched on hillslopes amidst age-old cypress trees and olive groves, Nemea offers one of the most stunning landscapes in the Peloponnese.


The winery is located in the area of Pidna (Kitros) of Pieria and near the church of prophet Elias. Its premises were built in 2009.

The Vineyard

The vineyard of the Chrisostomou family is located in Pydna (Kitros) of the Pieria regional unit, a place which has tradition in the agriculture of vineyards and the wine production. Since 1925, immigrants from the eastern Rumelia (North Thrace) settled the village, bringing with them their love for the vineyard and the wine which had played a very important role in their lives in their previous residence.



Our winery was built in 1997, in the heart of our privately owned vineyard, in Koutsi Nemea and at an altitude of 550m. We chose Koutsi because we absolutely believe that the Agiorgitiko produced in this semi-mountainous area, with its poor limestone soils and steep slopes, differs significantly from that of the other areas of Nemea. The winery operates in accordance with the international quality assurance standards ISO 22,000.


GAIA WINES winery in Santorini is housed in a stone industrial building, where at the beginning of the last century tomato paste and sun-dried tomatoes were produced. GAIA WINES revived the building by turning it into a modern winery.