With diligence and responsibility

Your 'eye' on the points of sale of your products in Northern Greece through SYSTASI. Increase your sales. The most basic activity of SYSTASI is the provision of specialized Merchandising services, in large production or import companies of the country, for the big supermarkets and for the region of Northern Greece (Macedonia and Thrace). Merchandising makes products desirable and easily accessible to the consumer.

SYSTASI gives you the opportunity to 'be there' from a distance at a low cost. Where the battle of sales is given every day.

Our Merchandising Services

1. We take care of the best position of your products, in every store. We place them correctly on the shelves and make sure they are in good condition and clean
2. We take care of FIFO (First In First Out) in terms of placement on the shelves
3. We make sure that the store complies with the central agreements regarding the location of your products and the number of active products
4. We inform the managers of the stores about the products of your company and their peculiarities
5. We take care of the best distribution of the product in every chain / S / M store in our area

Part-time or special interest collaboration

In SYSTASI you can, if you want, assign Merchandising for your company's products, for the SM chains of Northern Greece for a defined period of time (eg a few months).

You can also only entrust us with monitoring the presence of your products on the shelves, checking for compliance with your agreements or monitoring the presence of competing products.

Why Outsourcing Merchandising?

Because many activities of a company are financially profitable only if economies of scale are achieved. Just as distribution costs less when it comes to trucks full of products from many companies that power a specific area, so Merchandising is less costly and more rewarding when it is done by specialized Merchandisers, who only deal with it, even for different companies, covering specific areas.

Why cooperation in Merchandising with SYSTASI?

1. Why SYSTASI executives only do merchandising, and spend all their time on the market
2. Why SYSTASI executives, throughout their professional career, have only dealt with the sales of large companies in large locations and are specialized