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Vine cultivation throughout Epirus, and particularly in Zitsa, is very old, its wines were renowned not only in the Epirus but further beyond. Initial attempts to establish winery in Zitsa region began in 1939, but the war and the alien occupation stopped such plans. Finally in 1954, the wine growers of the region founded the first wine cooperative (Οινοποιητικός Συνεταιρισμός) but with small facilities. In 1974, the modern winery of Agricultural Cooperative Union of Ioannina (Ένωση Αγροτικών Συνεταιρισμών Ιωαννίνων) was established. The first winery cooperative organized in NW Greece, and since 1972 the wines of Zitsa zone has been recognized and regulated as Protected Designation of Origin of Wines (ΟΠΑΠ). The winery of Zitsa is going through a brilliant course in history and simultaneously makes the wine of Zitsa known, with its particular features, as lend by the rare variety of Debina both in the Greek market but also outside the country. On June 2006, the Winery of Zitsa makes the next decisive step, to distract itself from the Agricultural Cooperative Union of Ioannina and created the ZOINOS S.A.