Jul 9, 2016




Zitsa has since a long tradition making Greek natural semi sparkling rose wine.


Producer: Cooperative Winery of Epirus

Wine Maker:  Eleni Sintou

Varietal Composition: 50%Debina and 50% Vlahiko & Bekari.


Vineyards: From Zitsa’s mountains two of the finest example of pink sparkling wine: Debina is blended ideally with Vlahiko and Bekari. It is composed from the native Debina variety which is cultivated in an area of approximately 400 hectares in the hilly mountains of Zitsa along with the rare native Vlahiko & Bekari varieties. The selection of the collaborative vineyards is made after inspections of our wine maker one for every stage of the cultivation and two before the harvest. Except the classical criteria of position, orientation climatic conditions and soil texture here is really important to select the ideal yield each year of production.


Microclimate: Harsh winters with substantial rainfall and cool summer nights, due to high altitude and river bridges, allow grapes to ripen slowly reaching the ideal maturation, retaining acidity and fully developing the distinctive flavors and aromas of these exquisite varieties


Soil: calcareous, well drained.

Yield: 900 kg/acre.

First Produced:  2009

  1. of bottles for export: 20.000


Vinification: classical white and red vinification takes place. The fermentation continues and is completed during the spring as the temperature raises. The wines are blended The second fermentation is held in sealed tanks under controlled conditions where CO2 production is the result of this second fermentation. The rose semi sparkling wine Zitsa showcases classic varietal characteristics of both the varieties managing to maintain an authenticity in flavor and a fruity aftertaste.
Alcohol: 12.6% Vol
Acidity: 5.7 g tartaric Acid/ l

PH: 3.3

Sugars: 17 g / l


Tasting Notes: Brilliant pink color. This crispy, elegant rose displays stony aromas and flavours of green herbs, strawberry, blueberries, lime and green apple and is characterized by freshness and vivacity.

Food Combinations: easily combined with fish, white meat, shellfish, salads and also alone as an appetizer or at the end with the desserts.

Best Served in 8-10 C.